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Inspire Inclusion

Inclusion is at the heart of what we do at the Santos Foundation. We are passionate about designing programs that provide women with equal access to resources, services and opportunities. An example of this is our work on the innovative, public private partnership, Bel isi PNG, which provides comprehensive case management services and access to safe houses for women and children impacted by family violence. More recently, we have partnered with the UNSW Kirby Institute and two PNG Provincial Health Authorities (PHAs) for a culturally appropriate cervical cancer screening and treatment program which will mean women will have greater access to these services locally.

At the Santos Foundation:

  • we have driven one of the most innovative responses to family violence through Bel isi PNG,
  • we have placed women and girls at the centre of education and literacy programs,
  • we focus on supporting PNG PHAs to provide effective health services,
  • we create education and job opportunity pathways for young women in rural areas and strive to ensure we do not leave anyone behind.

Here are some examples of where we promote inclusion and diversity, provide equal opportunity and create safe spaces.

Health – Promote inclusion  
At Santos Foundation we ensure that gender equality, disability and social inclusion is prioritised in the planning of our health programs. The Accelerated Immunisation Health Systems Strengthening (AIHSS) Project implements GEDSI principles for the Provincial Health Authorities in Southern Highlands and Gulf Provinces of Papua New Guinea during the projects immunisation outreach patrols. We support PHAs to ensure services for women and girls are a key focus. We also work with our PHA partners to ensure women are represented on all of their Boards.

Youth – Promote Diversity 
Through the Santos Foundation Youth Opportunities Program, we help give young women the opportunity to learn technical trade skills at the Pimaga VET school and work to create pathways for them post training. In 2022 there was only one female registered at the VET but by 2023 enrolments had increased to 25 females registered and attending classes. In 2023 we provided the only female graduate of the2022 cohort with an opportunity to work at the Santos Foundation office in Port Moresby gaining a range of skills during this time. She has now re-enrolled to complete her NC1 Electrical trade certification at Pimaga VET.

Community Development – Provide Equal Opportunities
The Literacy libraries we fund provide an opportunity for girls to receive early childhood education and since 2016 – 525 girls have graduated and been assessed as ‘school ready’. We know that the early foundations of literacy are a key part of retention through a person’s academic career. Helping girls stay in school and setting them on a positive pathway is critical at the Foundation and we know this leads to great outcomes for the individual as well as families and communities.

Family and Sexual Violence – Create Safe Spaces 
Bel isi PNG is an innovative public private partnership that creates a safe space for women and girls to access support if experiencing violence. Since 2018, the case management centre has supported 1,737 women and girls, by providing comprehensive case management and safe houses services. The program also delivers training and awareness about family violence to all Santos staff in PNG, as well as private sector staff and contractors.