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Children from the Santos Foundation supported Pimaga Early Learning Centre recently celebrated World Environment Day with a range of fun and informative activities to learn more about the environment, conservation and the world we live in.

Children spent the day reading about the environment and taking part in activities including tree and flower planting, rubbish collection and discussions on the importance of the environment and how to take care of it.

The children at the Kikori (Gulf province), Fugwa and Habare (Hela Province) libraries also took time to celebrate World Environment Day.

Library teacher Eddie Anamo kicked the day off with a prayer and a story about the importance of the natural environment. Two students then read the class a book titled “I can”, and encouraged their classmates, their friends and parents to join in chanting, “I can jump, I can run, and I can take care of my environment.”

The highlight of the day involved teachers and children joining together for tree and flower planting. The children planted shade and fruit trees behind their classroom, and then collected rubbish around their library as a practical exercise on ways to look after the environment. The children were taught how to responsibly dispose of rubbish in designated areas, and to think about the positive changes they could also make outside of school. They also learnt how to identify and separate decomposable rubbish from non-biodegradable waste.

With support from the Santos Foundation, the children and teachers and parents were able to have fun while developing a good understanding of the importance of protecting and taking care of the environment. To conclude the day’s activity teachers encouraged children to practise what they learned, in their respective homes and communities to protect the environment.

World Environment Day at Pimaga Early Learning Centre, Kutubu