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An exciting milestone under the Youth Opportunities program was completed Kutubu Local Level Youth Development Council.

The Kutubu Local Level Youth Development Council (KLLYDC) successfully completed a consultation workshop with youth leaders representing Thirty-nine participants made up of nine KLLYDC executives and 30 representatives from 18 wards attended a week-long consultation workshop. The representatives were from a range of sectors including education, health, sports, local council, police, church, women’s and men’s groups from the Lake Kutubu area.

The KLLYDC executives and ward representatives spent the time developing the youth council constitution and 5-year development plan. Key partners that also attended this workshop to support KLLYDC included the National Youth Development Authority (NYDA), Department of National Planning & Monitoring (DNPM), Nipa-Kutubu District Development Authority, Kutubu Local Level Government, Santos PNG Stakeholder Engagement, and Santos Foundation. These partners presented key policies and programs for youth development and provided guidance with aligning and including these key strategies in the KLLYDC 5-year development plan. The Voice Inc.  facilitated the consultation and encouraged the young executives in planning for a better Kutubu.
A key element of this workshop was also having the Santos Foundation Gender Program Manager’s involvement to ensure the voices of women and girls were included.

At the end of the week, the draft constitution was signed and handed over to NYDA officials to table at the NYDA Board for vetting and approval. The 5-year development plan is being refined with stakeholders.

Women’s representative from Herebo-Barudage, Ward 6

"Santos Foundation, with its unwavering support, enabled the NYDA youth governing body to conduct elections and establish the Kutubu Local Level Youth Development Council. This council, represented by 18 ward members within Kutubu, is a crucial platform for the long-overlooked youth of Kutubu to emerge as leaders, contributing to the betterment of our communities, wards, and families. With the invaluable partnership of the Santos Foundation, I am confident that we are laying the groundwork for a brighter future." 
- David William Kutubu Local Level Youth District Council Chairman