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Our approach

The Santos Foundation’s mission is to invest in partnerships and local initiatives that help communities thrive.

Our approach respects the political, cultural, social and legislative systems and frameworks of the countries we operate in. We work to engage local leaders, align to national development priorities and foster opportunities for local businesses.

At the Santos Foundation, we are guided by four fundamental principles. These underpin our approach and serve as the cornerstone of our work, shaping our strategies and actions as we strive to make a positive and lasting impact.

Community engagement: We work closely with local communities to build programs that responds to their needs. Where applicable, these programs are aligned to each country’s national Development frameworks and priorities.

Partnership-driven: We recognise the power of partnerships in driving sustainable change. We actively seek collaborations with both local and global non-profit organisations, as well as governments and aid development agencies to address both broader societal trends and local needs.

Local and global impact: We want to leave a lasting positive legacy in the communities we serve. We also aim to contribute to national and global development challenges and make a difference on a broader scale.

Realistic ambition: We work with communities to strengthen and build on existing systems. Our approach takes into account the unique challenges each community faces, ensuring that goals are achievable and sustainable over the long term.

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At the Santos Foundation we invest in partnerships and local initiatives to help communities thrive.

We have two areas of focus, Building Resilient Communities and Advancing Economic Pathways.

Our programs range from health and well-being services to gender initiatives, building community and cultural connections, youth opportunities initiatives, local infrastructure development and others that build resilient communities and advance economic pathways.

Building Resilient Communities

Supporting access to social infrastructure, systems and services that help build healthy communities.

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Advancing Economic Pathways

Advancing skills, systems and infrastructure for communities to create economic opportunity.

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