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Pigma teachers in tradesmen uniforms posing for the picture

An exciting collaboration between the Santos Foundation and local landowner company KutMor, has developed through a shared interest and commitment to strengthen Vocational Education Training (VET) in Kutubu. This partnership is a significant step in our ongoing pursuit of opportunities for young people in Pimaga where we are currently piloting a number of initiatives.

As part of our vision to make a positive impact on the communities in which we operate, the Santos Foundation has been working closely with various stakeholders, including the Government of PNG, to support the development of the Pimaga VET center. While the VET center is relatively new, it holds tremendous potential to become a key hub for skill development and employment opportunities in the area, boosting local content numbers and meeting the needs for a range of organisations.

In 2022 the Santos Foundation facilitated the support to the National Department of Education (NDoE) to conduct a comprehensive Curriculum Audit at the VET center. This audit assessed the center’s capacity to deliver nationally recognized and accredited courses, including its curriculum and learning resources, infrastructure, and teacher qualifications.

The Curriculum Audit Report highlighted several immediate and long-term needs. Among these, was the urgency for VET trainers to upgrade their competency levels and industrial experience in respective trades so that they can deliver National Certified (NC) programs. Recognizing this crucial need, Santos Foundation has worked closely with Pimaga VET to establish a comprehensive teacher development plan.

This plan includes provisions for improving the living conditions of trainers, offering essential training, and providing valuable industrial work experience. KutMor has generously committed to taking on three trainers from the VET center during the end-of-year school break for on-the-job work experience. This initiative will not only benefit the trainers, but also contribute significantly to improving the quality of training delivered at the VET center.

Furthermore, the Santos Foundation is actively exploring opportunities to extend this trainer development initiative partnership it has with KutMor, to other LANCOs and Santos contractors. By enabling more trainers to gain critical industry experience through these companies, we will enable them to meet the required standards to qualify and deliver NC courses at the VET center.

This collaboration between the Santos Foundation and KutMor exemplifies the power of teamwork, partnerships, and commitment to community development. Together, we are not only supporting the growth of vocational and technical education in Papua New Guinea, but also creating a positive and lasting impact on the lives of young people in Kutubu.

Who is KutMor

KutMor Limited is a landowner company (Lanco) that provides services to Santos as a civil construction and camp maintenance contractor. It is a PNG company proudly owned by landowners from the Kutubu, Moran and Mananda areas located in both Southern Highlands and Hela Provinces.