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Dobi introduces new learning opportunity for women in her village.

Three women sitting by a sewing machine

Dobi Morea, International Travel Officer with Santos, introduced a tailoring and sewing project for women and girls in her community at Porebada, Hiri-West District, Central province.

Benefiting from the Santos funded Oil Search Foundation’s Small Grants fund, Dobi is giving women and girls a second chance at life through organised skills training.

Women and girls can now generate income from sewing and producing men’s and women’s clothing.


Lena Buri dreams to inspire.

Woman in blue shirt sitting and smiling at camera

Motivated to be a role model for young girls, Lena was the only female among 12 other young people from Pimaga (a Santos project community) to be selected for a nine-month Labour Mobility program under the Australia Seasonal Workers program.

Lena wanted to prove to young women that education does not stop once you leave school.

She said she felt privileged and looks forward to starting her nine-month program in Australia.


Rachel brings light to women and girls.

Woman in red shirt sitting and smiling for camera

Rachel Albert, a Community Development Officer at Santos, supplied 26 solar kits to less fortunate communities where torches and lamps were a luxury.

As a result, mothers were able to wake up early to cook food to sell, children could complete study for school at night, and women could take up leadership roles in church activities during night services.

This was made possible through K5000 Small Grants funding from the Santos funded Oil Search Foundation (OSF).


At Santos, our Small Grants Program for local staff broadens our impact and underpins our vision for creating a better world for communities where we work and live.