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Chalton Andale is one of 28 five (5) year old children who recently benefited from the Oil Search Foundation (OSF) funded Habare Literacy Library, an early childhood learning centre on the outskirts of Tari town, Hela Province.

Like the other children, Chalton has big dreams, and hopes to for his future. To help him and other children realise their dreams, OSF in partnership with Buk bilong Pikinini (BbP), the SDA Church, and the Hela Division of Education are supporting a childhood education at Habare.

“We are very proud of the partnership we have at the Habare Literacy Library established three years ago. We are especially delighted that the Habare Literacy Library has been ranked first place out of the sixteen (16) BbP library learning centres this year. This is a great achievement for the entire community and means Chalton and his fellow students have scored well above other students of the same age across all of the BbP libraries.”
- Daisy Raburabu OSF Manager of Community Development

The Habare Literacy Library is delivering a successful program focusing on setting strong foundations for the children of Hela to be able to read and write in English, understand basic numeracy and to develop positive attitudes at a young age. These are foundations they will take with them throughout their education experience.

Hela Provincial Education Director, Mr. Ronny Angu, an ex- teacher with over 15 years in International Education Agency schools in Port Moresby, said “these results demonstrate a change in trend for the young people of Hela Province, which in turn will result in a more positive outlook for the province in general. We are excited about what lies ahead for these students”.