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Micky Morris chose to be an early childhood educator to give children a head start in their lives

Teacher standing at blackboard in front of room full of students

Micky Morris chose a profession as an early childhood educator out of his desire to give children a head start in their lives, develop knowledge and skills better.

Completing grade 12 in 2003, Micky was wondering what to do next.

“I found myself roaming the streets with my peers, engaging in social activities and getting involved in petty crime. Because there was nothing to do, I spent most of my time doing this. It brought me comfort and a sense of belonging.” said Micky

“But in 2012, I was invited to attend a local church service. It was then that I realised that there was no satisfaction in the choices I was making. I made a commitment to change my ways and commit myself to activities that helped my community. A breakthrough then happened, and I was given an opportunity by my church to become an elementary school teacher.”

“I developed a passion to teach the young and I was committed to my job, but I felt my understanding was limited and I needed to further improve myself. In 2018, I was told about The Oil Search Foundation (OSF) Scholarships Program”.

“After gathering all the information needed to apply, I sent through my application. I was then selected and offered a scholarship to the University of Goroka, to undertake a Diploma course in Early Childhood Education which I have recently completed.

“I am now back to teaching at my old school in Mendi SDA Elementary School as a qualified teacher and am so grateful to OSF. I never thought I was going to be given a second chance in life."
- Micky Morris Qualified Teacher, Mendi SDA Elementary school

Micky continues, “Since returning from studies, I was able to share ideas and show my fellow colleagues’ new ways of teaching and supporting young people.”

OSF Executive Manager, Karlyne Pukaikia said, “Teachers are a great resource, they give children purpose, set them up for success as citizens of our world and inspire in them a drive to succeed in life. Just like Micky, OSF has supported 92 Papua New Guineans through our scholarships program since 2018, many of them are now contributing meaningfully to the development of this great country.”